Kansas and DIY Inspiration: Vintage Collage Journal

Our good friends from South Africa, Ian and Stella, are moving to Kansas.

Kansas. I picture Dorothy’s house in the Wizard of Oz, spinning in the sky and landing on the wicked witch.

Mary Ellen was from Kansas. She went back after law school. I imagine Mary Ellen in overalls, sitting on the front porch of a one story log cabin, feet up on the railing, shot gun across her lap, a straw of wheat clenched between her teeth.

I know nothing about Kansas. Except that it’s flat. And Dorothy wanted to go back there because there’s no place like home. And now Ian and Stella will call that place “home.”

We had a farewell dinner last night. Stella gave me a collage journal she’d made.

I’m posting it here because it’s beautiful, creative, and inspirational.

vintage collage journal front cover

Front cover of Stella’s vintage collage journal

embossed leather look for diy vintage collage journal

Embossed “leather” spine

paper applique for vintage collage journal

Paper flower applique blends seamlessly into the front cover design

pocket ideas for vintage collage journal

Inside cover slit pockets

diy lace edged pocket

Lace edged paper pocket


matching writing pad and pen - diy journal

Removable writing pad with matching pen

make a matching pen for your diy journal

Matching pen with laminated paper.

ideas for diy vintage envelopes


magnetic flap closure on diy journal

Pocket with self closing magnetic flap

diy journal page with stacked pockets

stacked pockets

Victorian french ribbon memo board

French ribbon memo board

novelty hanger paper clip

I love this little paper clip!

Your thoughts?